Polkadot officially opened the third round of financing and sold 300,000 DOTs through website registration

The third round of financing of Polkadot, originally scheduled to be held at 12 noon on the 24th, Beijing time, has officially started after a 12-hour delay. This financing will sell 300,000 DOTs through website registration. The price of each DOT in the first 100 hours is $125, and the unit price will be changed to $150. This sale can only be paid in Bitcoin. The DOT purchased this time needs to be locked for 5 months, but during the lockup period, it can be used for pledge and participation in voting. Chain Wen previously reported that the cross-chain project Polkadot has opened a webpage on its website to collect information on supporters who are interested in participating in the latest round of Polkadot token public offering activities. The registration information shows that residents of the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other places may not be able to participate in the latest round of public offerings. According to public information, the cost of Polkadot’s first crowdfunding in 2017 was about US$35 per DOT. Later, in 2019, it conducted a second round of financing and sold 500,000 DOTs by private placement. At that time, the cost of each DOT was announced. About $120.