The latest institutional review report shows that Coinbase’s customer base has reached 35 million

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase’s institutional review report for the first half of 2020 shows that Coinbase’s customer base has reached 35 million, including retail users and institutional customers, which has increased from 30 million at the beginning of the year. Coinbase said that institutional investors require the platform to have more in-depth capabilities to help them with asset allocation and trading. Coinbase is trying to build leading brokerage services to meet customer needs. The specific method is to rebuild the core business of the traditional prime brokerage business, namely custody, trading and loans-but to use the unique characteristics of digital assets to make fundamental optimization. Coinbase stated that it will enhance the execution of multiple business lines as soon as possible, provide the ability to trade across multiple liquidity pools, and also plans to further expand its credit plan on legal assets and digital assets according to customer needs.