Oracle’s blockchain cloud service releases major updates to enhance scalability and decentralization capabilities

Software development giant Oracle (Oracle) published an article on its official blockchain blog to introduce its new generation of Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service (Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service), which aims to take advantage of Oracle Cloud Service (OCI) and Hyperledger Fabric The latest improvements in the community, major updates to Oracle blockchain cloud services. The new version aims to respond to user needs, enhance service flexibility, availability, and scalability, strengthen access control for shared confidential information, and improve service cost performance, decentralization capabilities, and auditability. Frank Xiong, vice president of Oracle’s Blockchain Product Development Group, said that one of the most important changes is the introduction of a new price model that is based on the required CPU capacity and storage, rather than transaction volume. The new version also supports the Raft consensus protocol for shared governance. The platform is ready to meet the growing workload of enterprise blockchain applications in numerous use cases in various industries.