Elastos Elastos blockchain network introduces Chainlink oracles, and plans to issue cross-chain stablecoin agreements

Elastos announced on its official blog that the Elastos Ethereum sidechain has been connected to Chainlink’s oracle service to support the construction of a cross-chain stablecoin protocol based on the Elastos ETH sidechain. The team will use Chainlink’s price reference data framework to deploy an ELA/USD decentralized data source (feed) as the basis for the guarantee review of user debt collateral positions (CDPs), thereby ensuring a comprehensive stable currency mortgage guarantee. The Elastos ETH working group plans to launch a cross-chain stability protocol that allows the mortgage ELA (Elastos native token) to generate a stable currency pegged to the US dollar. This stable currency can not only provide ELA holders For greater utility, you can also use it to make payments on Elastos and serve as collateral in the entire DeFi field.