U.S. Department of Health officials: using a blockchain-based data platform to track hospitalization data for the new coronavirus

According to Forbes, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is using a new data verification platform HHS Protect (Health and Human Services Protect) to report key information about the new coronavirus. HHS Chief Information Officer Jose L. Arrieta confirmed that the agency is using blockchain technology to track hospitalization data for the new coronavirus. Arrieta is known for advocating the benefits of blockchain technology within the US government. He explained that blockchain will ensure the accuracy and traceability of COVID-19 hospitalization data. Arrieta stated that the blockchain system used with the HHS Protect platform is an enterprise-level version, similar to platforms supported by the Hyperledger organization and large IBM companies, rather than blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Refused to disclose the specific name of the platform. According to him, HHS Protect gathered data from 6,200 hospitals across the United States, including the number of ventilators, hospital beds, emergency room admission and discharge, laboratory test data, and nursing home data.