NEM launches marketing social platform NEM Hub, users can earn token rewards through marketing NEM projects

According to Crypto Briefing, NEM has launched a social media platform called NEM Hub to promote the marketing of NEM projects. After the NEM Hub was officially released on June 12, it went live on July 15. NEM Hub is similar to Steemit, Publish0x, Peepeth and other websites that reward content creators in cryptocurrency. The difference is that NEM Hub is driven by the token XEM and is only used for the promotion of the NEM project itself. Users of NEM Hub can obtain token XEM rewards by completing required tasks or publishing original content (such as videos and articles). Currently, the number of edge users on the platform is 800, of which 400 are active users. These users are monthly A total of XEM worth about 10,000 USD can be obtained, that is, about 25 USD per active user per month.