The Ethereum 2.0 technical specifications are updated before the Medalla testnet goes live and are compatible with the previous version

The Ethereum 2.0 technical specification released version 0.12.2, which is fully compatible with the previous version 0.12.1, so the official recommendation is that the client team upgrade to this version as soon as possible before the Medalla testnet. According to the update record, 0.12.2 integrates several clarifications and enhancements to the p2p specification, and provides the configuration parameters of the new chain for the original deposit chain. “Phase 1 is still under active development and is not yet fully ready for release and testing. These are expected to be released in the next few weeks.” As previously reported by the chain, the Ethereum team decided to launch the next multi-client testnet Medalla at 21:00 on August 4th.