Polkadot DOT denomination split 100 times the support rate is as high as 86%, voting will end tonight

The voting on the DOT denomination split of Polkadot tokens is expected to end at 22:00 this evening. Up to now, 86% of the votes that agreed to split the DOT by 100 times (that is, the total amount of 1 billion DOT) have been up to 86%, and 2.472 million DOT have voted on this option. The voting will be executed 72 hours after the DOT transfer is activated. In addition, the governance referendum for deciding whether to open DOT transfers was opened on July 21, and there are currently more than 8 days to vote. After the vote is passed, this version will be implemented within 14 days. It is expected that the transfer function will be opened at 21:10 on August 18th. This also means that it is expected to start at 21:10 on August 21, and the DOT denomination will be directly changed according to the voting results. Lianwen previously reported that Polkadot’s first on-chain governance voting began in mid-July. The voting provided four options (multiple choices) and lasted for two weeks. The four options are: 1. There is no change from the original 2017 sales definition, which means that there will be a total of 10 million DOTs from the genesis block; 2. The initial sales are divided by 10 times, and That is the total amount of 100 million DOT; 3. Split 100 times from the initial sales, which is the total amount of 1 billion DOT; 4. Split 1,000 times from the initial sales, which is the total amount of 10 billion DOT.