UMA officially launched Yield Dollar liquidity mining plan

Risk Labs, the team behind the decentralized financial contract platform UMA, officially launched the liquidity mining plan. Risk Labs will provide UMA token rewards to users who provide yUSD (Yield Dollar) liquidity in the yUSD / USDC fund pool on the Balancer to enhance liquidity and distribute UMA tokens to users who contribute to community governance. The liquid mining plan will be piloted for about 6 weeks, and 25,000 UMA will be allocated every week. Rewards will be distributed through airdrops every week, but will not be locked or restricted (subject to change later). Chain Wen previously reported that on July 22, UMA launched a new token, Yield Dollar, which is similar to a stable currency. However, the difference from the stable currency includes that the token has an expiry date, the value is close to $1 at expiration, and it can be Features such as redemption of mortgage assets. At the same time, the token can provide fixed-rate fixed-term loans in the lending field. UMA stated that Yield Dollar will have many possible forms. Currently, the first Yield Dollar token yUSD-SEP20 has been launched and put into use.