Blockchain data index project The Graph launches an incentive testnet Mission Control

Blockchain data indexing project The Graph (GRT) launched the incentive test network “Mission Control”. Rewards and grants will be awarded to the teams in the testnet based on the performance and collaboration effects of the entire testnet. The considerations include quantitative and qualitative factors such as query volume, profit maximization, data sharing and feedback. The Graph will reward contributors with up to 3% of the total GRT supply. In addition, The Graph network vulnerability bounty program will also be announced later. Chain Wen previously reported that the monthly query volume of The Graph exceeded 1 billion in June. DeFi applications accounted for 76% of total queries. In addition, in June, The Graph received $5 million in financing through the sale of token SAFT to launch a decentralized network. Investors include Framework, ParaFi Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and Digital Currency Group. The chain notes that The Graph is an indexing protocol for organizing and accessing data in the blockchain and storage network. The open source software created by The Graph can index blockchain data, and any team that builds decentralized applications can quickly and easily obtain this data.