Avantgarde Finance receives investment from Coinshares and will continue to promote the adoption of the Melon protocol

Avantgarde Finance, the main development company of the Melon agreement, announced that it has received investment from Coinshares Ventures. The specific investment amount has not been disclosed. In the next six months, Avantgarde Finance is committed to promoting the adoption of the Melon protocol by attracting more investors and emerging managers to join the platform. Avantgarde will continue to support Melon’s improvement proposal MIP7, which proposes some adjustments to reduce obstacles in the adoption process. For example, the integration of lending at the protocol level through Compound and Chai allows the use of Avantgarde to manage credit funds on the chain (credit funds). The chain notes that the Melon protocol is a decentralized on-chain asset management protocol based on Ethereum. It can be used to deploy on-chain funds to Ethereum and set various parameters in asset management or fund management, such as rate structure, Risk strategies, selection of specific decentralized exchanges, etc. Melon Terminal is a web user interface tool based on Melon Protocol. Investors, fund managers or visitors can visit the website to view and perform corresponding operations. The cost of using Melon Terminal to create a fund is approximately $100. Avantgarde is a platform that runs on top of the Melon protocol and aims to facilitate asset management on the chain.