BCB Group launches BLINC, a network that allows free and instant settlement of cryptocurrencies and cash

Digital asset financial services group BCB Group announced the launch of the network “BLINC” that allows free and instant settlement of legal and encrypted currencies. Bitstamp will be the first exchange to trade on BLINC. In addition, BLINC has also integrated with the digital asset sharing ledger DASL developed by the software company LAB577, which is a digital asset liquidity network for issuers, investors, financial institutions, brokers and managers established on Corda. As noted by the chain, BCB Group focuses on institutional payment services, providing commercial accounts and cryptocurrency as well as foreign exchange market liquidity for some financial institutions engaged in cryptocurrency transactions. In the past year ending in June this year, customer demand for the BCB Group platform has continued to grow, and the average monthly payment volume has increased by 24%.