Data: Nearly 900,000 BTC were held by illegal elements; the number of BTC flowing into the exchange on the 27th exceeded 130,000, doubling the daily chain rate

Chainalysis’s cryptocurrency market information website “Market Intel” shows that on July 27, the number of bitcoins flowing into the exchange reached more than 130,000, a new high of 134 days, an increase of nearly 113% from the previous month. In addition, at present, there are nearly 900,000 bitcoins known as illegal bitcoins. Among them, the dark web market holds 585,200 bitcoins, accounting for 65.62%, scammers hold 98,600 and another 204,600 bitcoins. Bitcoins were stolen funds, and 3,313 Bitcoins were held by other non-issuers. Chain Wen noted that the number of known illegal bitcoin statistics includes bitcoins received by illegal services or their counterparties until they are cleaned in legitimate services. This part of illegal Bitcoin funds represents the potential scale of money laundering in the future.