Serum, a decentralized exchange based on Solana, has received investment from dozens of institutions such as Multicoin and Sino Global

The DeFi exchange Serum, created based on the high-performance public chain Solana, released the project white paper on July 27 and announced that it will be launched soon. According to the Serum white paper, 3% of the Serum Eco-Token SRM (a total of 300 million SRM) will be subscribed through private placement. This part of the SRM will be fully locked in the first year and will start linearly in the second year after going online. Unlock, fully unlock by the 7th year. Serum will complete the seed round subscription this Wednesday and open the auction round this Thursday. Up to now, Serum has received investment from dozens of well-known institutions such as Multicoin, 3Commas, and Sino Global.