Decentralized protocol dForce launches interest-bearing market Yield Markets

Decentralized protocol dForce announced that after the decentralized synthetic stable currency USDx, it has launched the second core asset protocol, Yield Markets. The interest-bearing market will be the first to support USDx, GOLDx, USDT, USDC, DAI. Users depositing tokens in the interest-bearing market will automatically get a corresponding proportion of dTokens (for example, depositing USDT will get dUSDT), and each dToken represents the underlying reserve token and its corresponding income rights. The funds deposited by users in the interest-earning market will be allocated to different DeFi markets (including lending agreements, mixed lending pools, high-yield asset pools, etc.) to obtain the highest interest rate after risk adjustment. In the initial stage of launch, the interest-bearing market will be the first to connect to Compound and Aave. dToken facilitates users to conduct one-click mining of DeFi governance tokens. The COMP tokens (or other types of governance tokens) obtained by users will be converted into the original deposit currency and deposited in the fund pool for interest distribution.