TON Community Edition testnet is online, airdrop TON mainnet pass to all Telegram users

The community version of the TON testnet “testnet3” issued by is now online. At the present stage of the testnet, transfers can be basically realized on Telegram. In addition, the community is airdropping mainnet tokens to all Telegram users. Chain News previously reported that in mid-May, Telegram founder Pavel Durov wrote an article announcing the termination of the blockchain platform TON developed by his team, stating that the Telegram team would no longer participate in the blockchain project. After that, the TON Chinese community plans to restart the TON Blockchain testnet, recruit more nodes and developers to join the network and test the network, and then redesign the network rules that are more suitable for the current context, and invite more people to experience and use TON. The TON official testnet will be closed before August 1.