British startup Fasset launches a sustainable energy tokenization platform based on Ethereum

British financial technology start-up Fasset launched an operating platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, aiming to enable sustainable energy infrastructure (including the construction of solar power plants, wind power plants, and fiber optics) by tokenizing assets or creating digital representations of assets. The democratization of investment in the Internet provides asset owners with the opportunity to obtain funds for further infrastructure development. According to Fasset’s official introduction, after determining the feasibility of the solar power plant, the holders will be invited to place part of the project equity on the Fasset platform, and then the equity will be subdivided and converted into digital tokens. These tokens Ownership and income rights with internal coding. Tokens can be sold on the Fasset market, and qualified investors have the opportunity to participate in the digital investment process to review project data and documents, buy and sell tokenized assets, and become co-owners of solar power stations. As solar power plants generate electricity, the revenue generated will be distributed to token holders through the Fasset platform. Token holders can directly sell and exchange tokens among other investors.