Acala Foundation receives support from several well-known global blockchain investment institutions

Acala Foundation announced support from several well-known global blockchain investment institutions, including Polychain, Hashkey, P2P Capital, KR1, SNZ, Hypersphere Ventures, Web3.Capital, Stake.Zone, Goodmore Capital, Digital Renaissance, and new partners It will further promote Acala’s decentralized cross-chain stablecoin agreement and release pledged liquidity platform to become an open financial infrastructure in the Polkadot network. In addition, Acala has updated its roadmap for future development, including that after the parachain connection with Kusama is ready, the Acala Karura Advance Network will be on time, the Acala Network will start a comprehensive code security audit, and the Polkadot Mainnet will be ready to launch the Acala Mainnet After participating in the parachain auction and the stable operation of the Acala mainnet, stable coins and other functions will be issued.