Kyber Network allows users to participate in on-chain governance voting through mobile apps

The decentralized liquidity protocol Kyber Network (KNC) provides a secure, integrated mobile wallet and dapp browser, allowing users to participate in governance by staking KNC on KyberDAO. In the application, users can use the browser tab to find KyberSwap or other decentralized exchanges, and convert ETH or other tokens from Status mobile wallet to KNC. Users need to pledge funds before July 28, otherwise they will not be able to get rewards. KyberDAO governance is divided into multiple periods. The “epoch” period is the time period for voting on governance proposals. If stakeholders vote on each proposal, they will be rewarded during the governance period. Rewards are measured according to the value of KNC locked in the personal account. The reward comes from the transaction fees of the decentralized exchange KyberSwap. The initial distribution plan of Kyber platform fees is: 65% as a pledge reward; 30% as a liquidity reserve reward; 5% for the purchase and destruction of KNC. With the completion of the Katalyst protocol upgrade, KNC holders can pledge KNC, submit new proposals or participate in voting to adjust the percentage of the above transaction fee distribution.