community members initiate a hard fork and create a new project YFII

The DeFi aggregation revenue agreement proposed an additional issuance proposal in the previous community governance YIP-8, halving the weekly additional issuance of each mining pool. Although the proposal received a support rate of over 80%, it failed because the total vote rate was 9.73%, which did not meet the minimum requirement of 33%. Community members proposed to fork the YFI project, code-named YFII. YFII adopts the Bitcoin-like halving additional issuance mechanism in Proposal 8 to ensure that the tokens are distributed more fairly to community members. The total amount of YFII is 60,000, and each of the three pools is 20,000. The initial state of each pool is 10,000, and the output is halved every 7 days. The corresponding proportion of YFII is allocated according to the share of liquidity provided by Defi users for each pool. YFII will complete the distribution in the next 10 weeks.