Bitmain: 10,000 miners that have been transferred or have been resold at ultra-low prices, will be responsible

The official website of Bitmain released the “Joint Statement on the Illegal Transfer of Mining Machines from Zhenglan Flag Mines” with the official seal of Wu Jihan. The statement stated that most of the approximately 10,000 mining machines that were illegally transferred are still missing. Resale at a super low price. Chongqing Siyuan was the legal owner of the transferred mining machine, and the transfer of the mining machine caused serious property losses and loss of goodwill to Chongqing Siyuan and Bitmain Group. Zhan Ketuan and others have been removed from their positions in the group and no longer have the authority to represent any company under the group. After illegally transferring the assets of the subsidiary, they tried to excuse themselves. The group will do its best to hold them accountable and will not tolerate them.