Binance Research Institute participates in co-construction of “Lingang Blockchain Technology Industry Research Institute”

Binance Research Institute, together with Lingang Xinyefang and Lingang Innovation Management School, will jointly set up the Lingang Blockchain Technology Industry Research Institute in Shanghai. Based on their respective industrial and technological advantages, they will promote the research of China’s blockchain core technology, Industry application development, industrial ecology creation, and focus on China’s blockchain talent training and knowledge promotion. As an important carrier for Lingang Group’s industrial upgrading and the implementation of the city’s renewal strategy, Lingang New Industry Square has created an innovation ecosystem with the development of the industrial chain as the core for the development of emerging industries. Yefang · Baoshan Yuanchuang Park established the Blockchain Technology Industry Research Institute to bring together top institutions and academic talents at home and abroad to bring their advantages to use in blockchain course development, blockchain technology research and application, strategic decision-making consulting, and talent We will cooperate closely in training, international exchanges, industrial investment and operations, and jointly build a blockchain academic research and blockchain industry training and education base, making it an exchange center that connects the international blockchain academic and industry frontiers.