Augur, the decentralized prediction market, releases version v2 and deploys it to the Ethereum mainnet

Augur, the decentralized prediction market, released the v2 version and deployed it to the Ethereum mainnet. The new REP token on Augur V2 is “REPv2”, and the REPv2 token contract address is 0x221657776846890989a759BA2973e427DfF5C9bB. In addition, the source code of the Augur v2 client has been published on Augur Github. REP holders do not need to migrate REP to the new platform immediately, but must manually migrate their REP to the new Augur v2 platform before the Augur v2 market enters the fork process. If the holder’s tokens are stored on the exchange, you need to pay attention to how the exchange resolves the migration statement. Chain News previously reported that Augur’s existing native token REP will be renamed “REPv1”, and the new REP token on Augur V2 will be called “REPv2”. Augur v2 reintroduced the concept of “use it or lose it”, which means that all REP holders (REPv1 or REPv2) must participate in the fork of the entire network. If the holder does not participate in the fork within the 60-day fork window, the holder’s REPv1 or REPv2 will never be able to migrate to the Augur v2 platform and participate in the future Augur market. The main updates of the Augur v2 version include: a new UI, integrated 0x, integrated stablecoin DAI, upgrade of the REP token standard from ERC20 to ERC777, and a new mechanism to solve illegal market risks.