The Industrial Internet Alliance of the United States publishes a white paper on the Internet of Things distributed ledger

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) of the United States officially released the “Internet of Things Distributed Ledger” white paper. The white paper first published the standards and infrastructure of the Internet of Things distributed technology, focusing on the large-scale deployment of enterprises and enterprise cases in the field of Internet of Things. The white paper was published by the IIC Distributed Ledger Working Group, initiated and drafted by the co-chairs of IoTeX, Huawei and Amazon, and co-written by experts from PWC, IGnPower, iExec and other companies. The enterprise scenarios being applied include Amazon blockchain and quantum ledger database , Ali Food Traceability, Wal-Mart Farm-to-Store Solution, Bosch Transportation, Deloitte Automotive Supply Chain, Musk & IBM Global Trade Platform, etc.