Fixed-rate DeFi lending agreement Mainframe has acquired real-time DeFi streaming payment agreement Sablier

Mainframe, a fixed-rate DeFi lending agreement, has now acquired Sablier, a streaming payment agreement on the Ethereum blockchain, for an undisclosed amount. Mainframe plans to integrate Sablier’s streaming payment technology into its fixed-rate lending agreement. In addition, the Sablier agreement and products are currently owned by Mainframe and will continue to be maintained and supported. Sablier founder Paul Razvan Berg will join the Mainframe team full-time as the development lead to build the Mainframe Lending Protocol, and co-founder Razvan Apostu will temporarily leave Sablier to continue its new project under development. It is expected that the Sablier Money Streaming Protocol will be used for the governance, pledge and rewards of the Mainframe lending protocol. Chain Wen noted that in mid-July, Mainframe released a white paper and announced the token economic model. Mainframe is a fixed-rate lending platform based on encrypted asset mortgages, providing users with instant liquidity and diversifying investment portfolios. Mainframe uses a bond-like instrument to represent an on-chain obligation to settle on a specific future date. Buying and selling tokenized debt can achieve fixed-rate borrowing, which is in great demand in today’s decentralized finance.