DeFi platform ForTube will start liquidity mining on August 4

The Force Agreement team announced that it will officially start liquidity mining on the Bank module of the DeFi platform ForTube on August 4, Beijing time. The Force Protocol team stated that this liquidity mining refers to the process in which users obtain the token FOR by injecting liquidity into the ForTube Bank platform. FOR token is the governance token of the ForTube platform. The mining activity will start at 0:00 on August 4th, Singapore time, with 7 days as a mining round, divided into four rounds of Fenglin Volcano, lasting 28 days. ForTube is a one-stop lending, investment and financial management platform developed by The Force Protocol. The ForTube platform includes three business segments: ForTube Bond, ForTube Bank, and QIAN, which provide individuals and enterprises with encrypted digital asset lending services.