Founder of CRV token issuance is imminent, Curve’s future business is not limited to stable currency transactions

In the Global Blockchain Live Festival No.5 “DeFi and Cross-chain International Collision and Interaction” hosted by 499, the founder of Michael Egorov said in an interview with Coinstelegram CEO Anna Tutova that CRV, the native token of the Curve project, will be issued The preparations are almost complete, and CRV will meet you soon. Michael Egorov stated that CRV will be a governance token that needs to be locked when voting. At the same time, it will be a highly flexible system. Tokens can be used not only for liquidity mining, but also for incentivizing any behaviors that are beneficial to the ecology recognized by the Curve DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). In the future, Curve will set foot in fields other than stablecoins. The relevant basic mathematics has been tested, and the algorithm needs to be further improved. He believes that DeFi will eventually replace the existing financial system, but this process may take decades.

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