Media: Zhan Ketuan is preparing to sell the Bitmain office building, Canaan is one of the buyers

According to Wu said on the blockchain report, Zhan Ketuan is preparing to sell the office building previously purchased by Bitmain. The office building is located in Zhongguancun Integrated Circuit Design Institute, with a total of one building and four small buildings. Zhan Ketuan once stated at a staff meeting that the office building was worth 800 million yuan, sold for 600 million yuan, and bank loans were 400 million yuan, leaving 200 million yuan left. But in fact, the total price of the office building should be 700 million yuan, and a loan of 350 million yuan from the Bank of Beijing. As Canaan has moved all its focus to Beijing, it is currently recruiting and seeking a larger office space. According to relevant sources close to the Design Park, Canaan cannot be ruled out buying or renting related properties in the IC Design Park.