Multi-asset trading platform eToro plans to issue Visa debit cards in the UK

Multi-asset trading platform eToro has acquired Marq Millions Ltd., an electronic currency provider based in the United Kingdom. The specific amount has not been disclosed to the public. After the acquisition, Marq will conduct business as eToro Money and will directly issue planned Visa debit cards. Although the specific release time has not yet been determined, it is basically certain that the first batch of users will be members of the British eToro Club, which will later be expanded to the European market and may also be provided to non-eToro users. eToro plans to issue Visa debit cards this time to support the real-time “cash credit” function. Chain Wen noted that eToro allows customers to invest in stocks and commodities, as well as crypto assets such as Bitcoin, and has 14 million registered users. eToro is regulated by the European Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.