Fidelity Report: Record low interest rates and fiscal stimulus policies help promote Bitcoin adoption

Fidelity Digital Assets, a subsidiary of asset management giant Fidelity Digital Assets, released the first report in a series of Bitcoin investment papers, “Bitcoin is an ideal value storage system”. The main points of the chain news summary report are as follows: 1. Most investors believe that Bitcoin is an ideal store of value, but this view has not been widely accepted; 2. At least in the early stages, Bitcoin’s volatility is beneficial to Bitcoin to a certain extent. The development of the currency is a catalyst that attracts attention, development and innovation; 3. Scarcity is one of the most novel and key innovations of Bitcoin; 4. The scarcity of Bitcoin is written into the agreement when it is created. Its currency Policy independence is achieved through proof-of-work and decentralized networks; 5. Record low interest rates, unprecedented global monetary and fiscal stimulus policies, and deglobalization trends all contribute to increasing people’s acceptance of Bitcoin And the degree of adoption; 6. The long-term drivers of Bitcoin include inflation and the transfer of large amounts of wealth to millennials. According to the chain’s note, Fidelity Digital Assets hopes to use a series of Bitcoin investment papers to analyze the factors behind the rapid growth of investors’ interest in Bitcoin and help investors solve their confusion about Bitcoin.