Marathon Patent will receive 1,360 new miners in August

Marathon Patent Group, a listed mining company, announced that it has purchased 700 M31S+ ASIC mining machines from MicroBT and is expected to receive these mining machines in mid-August. In addition, 660 of the 1,660 S-19 Pro mining machines that Marathon Patent previously ordered from Bitcoin Mainland will also arrive in mid-August. This means that the company will receive a total of 1,360 mining machines in August. Merrick Okamoto, CEO of Marathon Patent, said that in the past few months, the company has purchased 3,020 new-generation mining machines. Currently, the company is operating 700 M31S+ mining machines. After 1,360 mining machines were installed in August, the company’s The total computing power will increase from the current 56 PH/s to 184 PH/s, which is expected to achieve positive cash flow.