DeFi Exchange Serum completes $20 million private placement round financing in three days

Solana-based DeFi exchange Serum announced the completion of a private equity round of financing, with a total financing amount of approximately US$20 million in three days. The initial selling price of MSRM was US$30,000, and the final price was about US$80,000. The average price was US$50,000. A total of 400 MSRMs were sold (1 MSRM = 1 million SRM). All private placement rounds will be unlocked linearly from the second year of launch, and will be unlocked in the seventh year. According to Serum, a number of institutions including Multicoin Capital and Sino Global Capital participated in Serum’s private placement round. Serum ecological token SRM is expected to be launched on other exchanges in August this year.

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