Statistics: This year Poloniex launched 34 assets more than Binance

According to The Block statistics, this year, Poloniex maintained a leading position in the number of listed assets, with 34 assets listed, surpassing Binance (28 assets). In recent months, Binance seems to have slowed its listing speed, instead focusing on derivatives and decentralized exchanges. At the same time, some competing exchanges such as Poloniex are increasing the speed of listing to increase transaction volume and expand market share. At the end of 2017 (six months after the Binance trading platform was launched), Binance supported a total of 101 cryptocurrencies, with an average of about 17 crypto assets listed every month. However, in 2017, Coinbase only listed BCH as one asset, and Poloniex listed 8 assets. Poloniex slowed its listing speed in 2017, making Binance a major cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, Poloniex is trying to regain market share.