Synthetix Synthetix updates the assets and corresponding weights tracked by the DeFi index token sDEFI in the Spica version

Synthetix, the synthetic asset protocol, adjusted the assets tracked by its DeFi index token sDEFI and the corresponding weights in its Spica version deployed today. The new sDEFI index token tracks 12 DeFi tokens, of which, COMP accounts for 20.5% of the sDEFI token weight, MKR 15%, KNC 11.8%, and SNX 10.2%. Chain News previously reported that Synthetix plans to deploy the “Spica” upgrade today for some protocol improvements. This version will include the following: 1. SIP-35 and SCCP-27, the second test of using Ethereum as a mortgage asset, in which the mortgage rate will be adjusted from 150% to 125%. 2. SIP-44, partially modified the settlement process; 3. SIP-54, added limit order function to Synth exchange. After the upgrade is deployed, the system will shut down for several hours. During this period, users may not be able to interact with the system, including using Mintr or Synthetix.Exchange and transferring SNX or Synths.