Digital asset derivatives trading platform FTX completes quarterly component adjustments to six major index contracts

Digital asset derivatives trading platform FTX announced the completion of quarterly component adjustments to its six major index contracts. Including: Mainstream altcoin index (ALT) benchmarking ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS and BNB, mid-market value altcoin index (MID) benchmarking 24 currencies with mid-to-high market capitalization, and small market value altcoin index (SHIT) Benchmarked 51 currencies with low market capitalization, platform currency index (EXCH) benchmarked against BNB, HT, OKB, LEO and GT, and Shenlong Index (DRGN) benchmarked against BTM, IOST, NEO, NULS, ONT , TUM, TRX, VET and ARPA, and the anonymous currency index (PRIV) benchmarks XMR, ZEC, ZEN, KMD, XVG, XZC, BEAM and GRIN. An index contract is an index-based contract. Users can buy or sell an index contract to realize the hedging of a variety of combination currencies.