Nervos announces Portal Wallet and Tocial as the first approved projects of its blockchain incubator CK Labs

The public chain project Nervos announced the list of the first batch of project members of its blockchain incubator CK Labs, which was launched in May of this year, including the new encrypted wallet Portal Wallet and the blockchain social platform Tocial. Chain Wen noted that Portal Wallet is a wallet built on the Nervos Common Knowledge Base (CKB) and can be run in any Ethereum wallet dApp browser. Tocial is a social digital platform for two-dimensional pictures that allows Coser to share photos and make friends. Users can give CKB to their favorite Coser. CK Labs aims to help Nervos identify and incubate the most promising blockchain projects in the fields of DeFi, games, oracle, social and storage, and its approved recipients can obtain $100,000 in non-equity funding support from the Nervos core team Support and access to the Nervos investor and partner network. The CK Labs project is ongoing throughout the year, each phase of the project lasts for four months, and each phase is limited to two to four teams.