Within 24 hours after the Shelley upgrade of Cardano, nearly half of the staking pool has been migrated from the testnet to the mainnet

According to Crypto Briefing, within 24 hours after the upgrade of Cardano’s Shelley mainnet, more than 400 staking pools have joined the network. During the peak period, Cardano had a total of 481 staking pools in operation. Users can transfer their ADA Entrusted to these independent pledge pool operators and get pledge rewards. Previous statistics on the testnet showed that as of June 22, the testnet had 1061 registered pledge pools, 986 active pledge pools, and 12.9 billion ADA (approximately US$2.4 billion) pledged. In the future, about 500 A staking pool may migrate from Cardano’s testnet to the current mainnet. The data of the staking pool operators is constantly changing. According to the data of AdaPools.org, the chain heard that there are currently 448 active staking pools.