Boardroom, a DeFi governance solution project supported by MetaCartel Ventures, will release an Alpha version on August 6

Boardroom, a DeFi governance solution project supported by the decentralized autonomous investment institution MetaCartel Ventures, announced that it will release the Alpha version on August 6. Boardroom is a governance management portal aimed at the current boom in liquidity mining, and aims to introduce a simple and flexible governance solution for DeFi, so that token holders, issuers and DeFi protocol representatives can understand what they are participating in Governance process and flexibly participate in the governance process of different DeFi agreements. Boardroom will provide agreement governance information, voter information, proposal information, agreement representative information, and proposal questions and answers for each agreement. Currently in contact with multiple DeFi protocol teams, and will integrate Boardroom in the order of Compound, Ave, KyberDAO, Balancer, and Compound has been integrated. The MetaCartel Ventures community will provide 3000 DAI to support the Alpha version of Boardroom development.