The number of users buying Kodak stock on the crypto investment platform Robinhood surged by 1200% from last week

According to The block report, after the Trump administration announced a loan of $765 million for Kodak, the number of users buying Kodak shares on Robinhood, a stock and crypto trading platform, soared. As of this Thursday (July 30) afternoon, More than 125,000 (after surpassing 130,000) Robinhood users hold Kodak stock, an increase of 1,200% from last week. After Kodak announced that it had obtained a loan to start the pharmaceutical manufacturing business, the company’s stock price soared, once rising to more than 318%. Kodak is world-renowned for film and cameras. Sister Zeng has also been involved in the blockchain industry and launched the KodakONE project, which allows photographers to store and track the use of their photos on the blockchain, and has issued KodakCoin cryptocurrency. The token was originally It was planned to be issued in January 2018, but it was not successfully listed due to auditing and other reasons.