WHO collaborates with IBM, Oracle, and China National Health Commission to develop a new crown pneumonia database based on blockchain

The World Health Organization (WHO) has collaborated with IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and other well-known companies and institutions to participate in the new crown pneumonia open database project MiPasa based on the blockchain distributed ledger Hyperledger Fabric. This data system will use blockchain technology to check the epidemic situation. The accuracy of the data, the institutions involved in the project also include Johns Hopkins University, the National Health Commission of China, the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and so on. Jonathan Levi, CEO of Hacera, the company involved in building the platform, said MiPasa’s solution is similar to the “information highway” of the COVID-19 epidemic and is expected to evolve with the addition of a range of data analysis tools designed to help precision Detection of epidemics in hotspots of new coronary pneumonia infection.