The compliance-driven public blockchain UX Network is officially launched, and it is planned to go live on the mainnet on September 1st

London-based blockchain startup 01 Special Situations announced the launch of the compliance-driven public blockchain UX Network. UX is built based on the EOSIO system and is committed to deploying its KYC and AML products that support blockchain to the field of financial technology and digital assets, building a compliance-driven, cost-effective, and globally scalable consumer and enterprise Public blockchain. 01 Special Situations’ wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK, Asynq Limited (identity solution service provider) will be responsible for managing UX’s software IP, identity verification and KYC processes, as well as managing the personal data provided by individuals and companies on the UX portal. In addition, UX has two utility tokens: UTX and UTXRAM. Users who hold WBI tokens (the native token of WORBLI, a compliant blockchain project) can register to claim UX network tokens for free before 12:00 on August 31. After the token claim period ends, the UX main network will be Officially activated on September 1.