Serum co-founder SBF: Serum mainly solves the existing DeFi field speed and cross-chain protocol issues

Sam Bankman-Fried, co-founder of Defi trading platform Serum and CEO of FTX, said in the Twitter live broadcast of Serum that the decentralized exchange Serum built on the Solana public chain can solve two major problems in the existing DeFi field: ( 1) Serum proposes solutions to the pain points of existing DEXs such as slow transaction speed, high handling fee, and centralization. Serum can achieve centralization in terms of speed, price and user interaction without trust and supervision. The exchange is comparable. (2) To solve the problem of cross-chain support, Serum does not need to rely on any trust mechanism for cross-chain asset transactions. Serum’s cross-chain protocol can be used for any cross-chain conversion where the target chain is PoW (such as the BTC chain), as long as the basic protocol chain (such as the ETH chain) is faster than the target chain.

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