Digital asset service platform HashKey Hub launches identity wallet HashKey Me

The digital asset service platform HashKey Hub held an anniversary celebration and officially launched a new sub-brand HashKey Me, which aims to provide a distributed identity protocol MeID and an identity wallet HashKey Me developed based on the protocol for Ethereum, Polkadot and other public chain ecosystems. The complete program within. According to Saijie, the co-sponsor of HashKey Me, users can generate digital identities through HashKey Me to participate in mainstream public chain DeFi, DApp, staking, voting, chain games and other applications and governance activities, and there is no need to directly manipulate private keys throughout the entire process. Ensure the security and convenience of asset data. At the same time, its CSO Putin summarized the platform’s achievements in the past year and disclosed the follow-up product plan. He said that on the basis of safe storage of assets, HashKey Hub continuously expands new functions, forming a product form integrating storage, transaction, staking, and regular wealth products. At present, the platform’s PSA license in Singapore is steadily advancing, and HashKey Group’s financial license in Hong Kong is also becoming more abundant. In the future, HashKey Hub will have more functions online to meet the diverse needs of users.