Andre Cronje initiates a vote: all community fork tokens can receive system revenue

Andre Cronje, the founder of the DeFi aggregation revenue agreement, published a post and vote in the YFI governance forum. The post is mainly to investigate whether the YFI community is willing to distribute the rewards of the system to others in order to objectively increase YFI tokens Other community fork tokens that Yield Farming earns include the pink YFI token (ie YFII) and other YFI fork tokens that represent the voice of other communities. So far, there are 24 votes in the forum, 67% in favor and 33% against. According to official information, only YFI tokens currently have passive income from platform fees. However, YFI’s other forked tokens include YFII, YYFI, YFIIIII and other tokens. The total amount of these tokens for mining is Locked funds will still flow to the platform. founder Andre Cronje previously told Lianwen, “I am willing to cooperate with all communities instead of disagreement.”