The sharding project Elrond token ERD was renamed eGLD and will be exchanged at a ratio of 1000:1

The sharding project Elrond announced a new token economic model. Its native token ERD will be renamed eGLD, and it will be automatically exchanged at a ratio of 1 eGLD equal to 1000 ERD. The sharding project Elrond stated that when the new eGLD token starts trading, it will automatically start at 1000 times the ERD price, and the process has been resolved through partners. If the unit is in U.S. dollars, the value of ERD tokens owned by users will be exactly the same as the value of eGLD tokens. At the same time, corresponding changes have taken place in the lrond token economic model. Theoretically, the maximum total supply is 31,415,927 eGLD, and due to the adoption of a payment model to reduce the issuance of new eGLD tokens, the theoretical maximum supply will never be possible achieve.