Connext deploys an instant cross-chain communication function compatible with Ethereum Layer 2 Spacefold

Ethereum’s second-tier network Connext released the Spacefold function, which is a UI design on the top of the Connext node and demonstrates the use of state channels for instant cross-chain communication. Spacefold can be “folded” to the Ethereum Layer 2 solutions xDai, Optimism, Matic, and the upcoming SKALE and Arbitrum. Spacefold is the first experiment to explore the composability of Layer 2. Connext said that because its design is a programmable peer-to-peer small payment network, it is not suitable for some general computing activities that Reddit wants to expand. Due to the way the state channel works, the internal balance of Connext must be private to each user, so it was decided to cooperate with the existing Layer 2. With Connext, users can transfer funds without knowing which chain or shard they are on, and can even automatically call contracts across chains completely seamlessly. Although Layer 2 solutions usually compete with each other, they are actually composable. When they are stacked together, they can create a more powerful ecosystem that is stronger than the sum of their parts. Chain News previously reported that Connext is based on the Counterfactual framework, which is a brand-new way to develop blockchain applications, making the channel as modular as possible and minimizing on-chain transactions, between the first deposit and the final withdrawal. , Other operations do not need to rely on chain transactions.