The ETC network has completed the reorganization of the blockchain, and the problem of stopping the block has been resolved

Ethereum Classic Labs (ETC Labs), the research organization of Ethereum Classic, issued a statement on the reorganization of the ETC blockchain. ETC Labs stated that due to the network attack, the ETC network underwent a blockchain reorganization on August 1, and the problem has now been resolved. The reason why ETC stopped producing blocks is due to an unknown error, OpenEthereum/Parity and Open-ETC no longer work normally, resulting in a temporary few blockchain splits. Afterwards, any ETC node running OpenEthereum or Open-ETC may lead to the mining of the wrong chain. The miner 0x75d1e5477f1fdaad6e0e3d433ab69b08c482f14e mined about 3,500 blocks offline. When miners went online, starting from blocks 10904147–10907761, leading to a large-scale blockchain reorganization. The OpenEthereum/Parity node cannot handle large-scale blockchain reorganization, resulting in out of sync with the network. The correct chain continues with the reorganization of 3500 blocks. Most chains are now functioning normally. The mining pool that is mining the wrong chain has been migrated to Core Geth and synchronized with the network. According to previous reports from Chain News, Ethereum Classic officially announced on Twitter that network maintenance is in progress. It is hoped that service providers including exchanges and mining pools will temporarily stop ETC deposits to further check network problems.