The total issuance of BTC anchor coins exceeded 20,000, an increase of 71.4% in the past 30 days

According to data from DeBank, the total issuance of BTC (BTC-anchored coins) based on Ethereum has exceeded 20,000, and a total of 20,567 BTCs have been issued, which has increased by 71.4% in the past 30 days (12004). The statistics include WBTC renBTC, HBTC, imBTC, sBTC, pBTC, BTC++ and tBTC. Among them, WBTC has the highest share, with a current circulation of 15,521 pieces, accounting for 75.47%, followed by rebBTC with 2,284 pieces (11.11%), and sBTC third, with 1,002 pieces (4.87%).