mStable will airdrop 325,000 MTA to users within 24 hours

The stablecoin aggregation protocol mStable (MTA) announced on its official Twitter that it will launch a product mStable EARN that can view all relevant reward pools and their reward amounts tomorrow. At the same time, it was announced that in the next 24 hours, 325,000 MTA ecosystem rewards will be airdropped to users. According to a chain news report on July 21, mStable stated that it will distribute 325,000 MTAs (worth approximately) to users who provide liquidity to the three liquidity pools (mUSD/USDC, mUSD/WETH and mUSD/MTA) on the Balancer within 11 days. 1.1 million US dollars). Note: According to the project’s ecological reward plan, mStable has started to issue ecological rewards on June 26 this year. The plan will last for 5 years and is expected to issue a total of 20 million MTAs (accounting for 20% of the total MTA supply).