German blockchain startup Lition launches DeEn, a decentralized energy trading market

German blockchain startup Lition launched Decentralized Energy (DeEn), a decentralized energy trading market. DeEn combines DApps and Ethereum smart contracts to buy and sell energy assets, allowing consumers to choose between multiple energy suppliers. Lition believes that DeEn is an inevitable evolution of the development of DeFi applications. DeEn and DeFi have the same structure, advantages and logic. It enables consumers to know exactly where their energy comes from and how it is generated, and ensures that every kilowatt hour (kWh) is included in the calculation. It allows consumers to choose their power source, and quickly and safely replace electricity, eliminating Unnecessary middlemen. Note: Lition received capital investment in 2018 and was supported by the LongHash incubator in August 2019. At present, the Lition commercial blockchain is mainly supported by the cloud provider Microsoft Azure.